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Best Bathroom Magazine Rack

Bathroom Magazine Rack

Bathroom Magazine Rack – Although we are not fans of the magazine right in the bathroom. However, it’s all there in our country. So, we decided to try to organize this magazine and keep them on the floor or toilet tank to create DIY wall mounted magazine rack bathroom that we had. We used the back of pine and birch that we had left over from previous projects and create a wall magazine rack in the afternoon.

Bathroom Magazine Rack

Start by measuring how high you want. Use the level to celebrate locally and cut your wood to the desired length. Be sure to use a level to make sure the rack straight and level. We nail gun (2 “screws) to adhere to the wood on the walls. As you can see, we have to work around details list on the wall even if your wall flat (no casting) will be a little easier for you.

Depending on your base molding bathroom magazine rack, shelves you may or may not be flush with the base of your casting. You should think about this before you buy your materials you rack. Mine does not fit flush with the base casting but I’m okay with it. Decide how you want your wide rack safe, and a piece of wood to the other side. We added another ship 7 “inches down from the top. Make sure you put a little higher in the Council then plate (wall) so it will not slip your magazine. Use the level to make sure that they are straight. Once you have a magazine rack, and now you need to fill nail holes with putty, caulk any layer or space, the main paint.

There you have it, DIY magazine rack mounted on the wall. This project takes less than 3 hours and free! Using a piece of scrap wood and a little creativity and magazines, we now have a home in our bathroom. If you want to see the rest of the bathroom, be sure to check out the latest transformation of the spring, and we had a bathroom magazine rack transformation that shows all the images before and after bathing.

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