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An Awesome Ideas of Japanese Garden Design

Japanese Garden Landscape

Japanese Garden Design – Japanese garden of beauty comes from mixing and blending different elements:

– Sand
– Rock
– Water
– Ornaments such as lanterns, water basins (tsukubai), and bamboo fence
– Natural vegetation and surrounding areas
– Derives part of the beauty of the Japanese Garden of symbolic expression of Buddhism and Shinto beliefs.


The Japanese garden design based on three basic principles, low volume, embodiment, and looks borrowed.

Japanese Garden Landscape

There are several Japanese garden design different styles.

The type 0f park, including some plant life is limited, though, and mostly moss,raked gravel symbolizes flowing water, and a group of rocks and stones. It is famous examples of this type of Ryoanji Zen garden in Kyoto.

  • Tea Gardens – Cha Niwa or Roji

Contrary to what one might expect from the name, a person does not drink tea in the tea garden. Type the park the following elements: lanteren Japan (Toro), squat water basin (tsukubai), starting (Toby Ishii), and wait (Mashi- AI). More than once, and this is accompanied by small gardens. They are part of the tea in the person who does the tea ceremony. It is part of the outside world to the inner world of the cafe. The goal is to have a peaceful mind before the start of the tea ceremony. Tea gardens are usually part of a larger garden. And Kimura- EN in Kashiwasaki in Niigata Prefecture is a beautiful tea garden alone attitude.

  • Courtyard gardens – tsubo Niwa

It is small garden patio garden. One tsubo is the Japanese equivalent of measuring 3.3 square meters out of Niwa tsubo is located in the 15th century, when the Japanese economy is growing. The principles of traditional Japanese garden patio design, ideal for making small spaces on the surface or contemporary balcony.

  • Walk in the park – Tsukiyama

It is a large landscaped garden. There is a scene often repeated on a smaller scale, or the landscape and created a fake.

  • Walking gardens – Kaiyu-Shikien

It is a pleasure gardens, built mostly during the Edo period. Most of the park is now a public park. Enjoy this awesome article about Japanese Garden Design.

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